The Kenyan law : prescription for the poor!

Earlier this month,five policemen were judged for shooting an armed teen in Oklahoma city. Apparently the boy had tried to rob a Gaz station and was locked in. On the arrival of the police,the teenager pulled out the gun but was shot. The five police officers were judged for shooting the robber after he had dropped the gun.

Back home,a politician shot a DJ in a club for apetty reason. The big fish is currently roaming freely. How then is the referendum that this guy is pushing for implementation supposed to help the ones he shot?

This may look like I am taking sides but the citizens have to rethink about their priorities. A quick reminder,the competing parties are never there to help us but rather help each other to make us poorer. Do not be deceived. The country we are proud of is currently run by those we gave power. They have set us up to pay for taxes for money that never helped the wanjiku.