Gloom Befalls the Abagusii Community as Illustrious Political Kingpin Simeon Nyachae Dies

A sombre mood engulfed the Abagusii community following the sad news about the death of Simeon Nyachae.

Simeon Nyachae is considered as the most influential political figure from the community after the colonial era.

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Nyachae was born on February 6, 1932 in Nyaribari Chache, Kisii County.

His father, Senior Chief Musa Nyandusi, was an influential colonial chief who commanded a lot of respect from the Omogusii nation.

Senior Chief Musa Nyandusi was a powerful colonial chief. Photo/courtesy

In 1941, Nyachae began his schooling at Nyanchwa Seventh Day Adventist School before proceeding to Kereri Intermediate School in 1947.

He joined Kisii Government African School (currently known as Kisii School) in 1949 for his A-level studies.

He furthered his studies at South Devon Technical College & Churchill College in Cambridge.

His employment upon returning to Kenya was as follows in a chronological order:

  • 1954 as a District clerk in Musa Nyandusi’s chief’s camp
  • 1960 as a District Officer in Kangundo Division
  • 1963 as a District Commissioner
  • Between 1965-1979 as a provincial commissioner
  • Between 1979-1987 as the Head of Civil Service & Secretary to the Cabinet
  • Between 1992-2006 as Member of Parliament for Nyaribari Chache

Nyachae served as minister in the ministries of:

  • Agriculture, Livestock & Marketing between 1992-1997
  • Finance in 1998
  • Industry in 1998 (was demoted from Ministry of Finance)
  • Energy between 2004-2006

Simeon Nyachae vied for presidency in the 2002 General Elections under the Ford Kenya Party. He ended up second runner up behind Mwai Kibaki of Rainbow Alliance and Uhuru Kenyatta of Kanu.

The late Simeon Nyachae at a past political rally. photo/courtesy

Besides politics, Nyachae is a renowned businessman having invested heavily in the agriculture, banking, construction, and manufacturing sectors.

Nyachae is survived by 4 wives (his wife Esther passed on in 2016) and 20 children.